Wild Adult Fest In Blue Paradise!

Glitter, Party, Bodypaint are three words that describe the wildesttttttttt adult fest called “Fantasy Fest”!!

Key West – A city otherwise known for its serene turquoise waters, scuba diving, snorkeling, and slow vacation comes to a hustle-bustle during the Fantasy Fest.

Fantasy Fest happens every year in Key West during the month of October. It is one of a kind adult party festival you wanna be a part of.

It happens for 10 lonnnggg days and the theme is different for every single day.

If you have been to Florida keys, you would already know the usual scene of Key West – Calm & beautiful streets, blue beaches, and lot of water sports.

But, during the fantasy fest, the scene is completely different.

Streets bustle with crowd dressed in different costumes trying to look as funky as possible. People come from all over the world to enjoy this fest. Smearing the bodies with glitter, tattoos all over, some probably naked with just a funky tattoo (Yes, you heard it right), no rules, only party is the theme. You can be anything you want that day. Eat, drink, partyy as much as you can and you get to be the wildest possible.

To the added festive vibes, Houses display a large scale of fantasy facades. The last time I visited, many houses had huge displays of skeletons, ghosts, etc resembling Halloween and entertaining the crowd as we go.

The ten days festival is different on each day. One day it would be a masquerade party, the other day would be an awesome parade hosted by big brands likes Budlight. Every experience would be different but the common thing is fun, fun, and loads of fun. The masquerade party is to celebrate the culture, community, and creativity. So, gear up into the costume, walk the streets with the crowd, eat mouth-watering food from various cuisines, and party all night.

The final day parade would be a moving party with groups of costumed characters entertaining the huge crowd dancing, singing, and distributing necklaces along the famous Duval Street.

The final day parade is something that you should NOT miss! And it happens on the most famous street of Key West – DUVAL street

Colourful Fantasy Festival in Key West!

When to reach?

The parade starts at 7 in the evening. Try to get to Key West as soon as possible. Probably, be there by afternoon and enjoy the waters. It would definitely take hours to get a parking spot anywhere near Duval street. So, try to reach early and get a parking spot. Rent a bike and cycle around Duval street, visit the Southernmost point, Mile 0, and slurp some drinks, enjoy the high-spirited colorful crowd dressed, and walking on the streets. By evening, make sure that you are in Duval street where the parade happens. Keep yourself high & hydrated ‘coz that would be a long looonggg night.


It is difficult and expensive to get accommodation during the Fantasy fest. Either book your accommodation way ahead or if you are staying in Florida, you can probably drive back just the way I did.

Do the needful!

As I write this article, I figured out that Fantasy Fest for this year 2020 is canceled due to COVID and it hurts me that I cannot enjoy the festival this year.

But, what hurt me more was – the fact that Fantasy Fest was created to generate income for people of Key West to recover the tourism after the slow summer season. And now, their recovery is slower than ever. So, if you have enjoyed visiting the Florida keys, they have created a Fantasy Fest Fund this year to help the affected economy. Your donation can help the people who have tried to keep you entertained.

Hope you know how much fun you can have at Fantasy Fest.

So, plan your next Key West trip around the time of Fantasy Fest to enjoy the perks of being in Keys and be a part of the most wildest FANTASY FEST!!

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