Jupiter, Florida – Ultimate Places To Visit & Things to do

jupiter inlet

The second wealthiest neighborhood in Florida is known for its picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches, and lavish mansions, and here is the ultimate list of places to see and things to do in Jupiter.

Spend a full day relaxing at the beach, or relish yourself in a water sport or hop on a kayak and paddle your way out.

Jupiter Beach Access Points:

Access points 45 to 53 are Jupiter beach points. They offer amazing short walks to the beach right on Ocean Drive.

Make sure to watch the sunrise from the beach!

Carlin Park:

Right after the Jupiter beach access points is Carlin Park. Family-friendly beach accompanied by famous “Lazy Loggerhead Café”. Right after the sunrise, head to the Carlin park and walk into Lazy Loggerhead café to have breakfast with a view.

Jupiter Lighthouse & Museum:

A five-minute ride from Carlin park is the Jupiter Lighthouse and Museum. One of the oldest lighthouses in Florida has celebrated 160 years now*. Climb to the top of the lighthouse to have scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean and Jupiter Inlet.

The entrance to the lighthouse is chargeable. Do check out the website below for more info:

DuBois Park:

Offering incredible views of the Jupiter lighthouse, this park is a perfect place to swim and snorkel in the blue water lagoon. This has been my favorite places to BBQ and relax. Also, you can bring your boat or kayak and get into the water through Intracoastal way or even go into the sea.

Don’t miss the sunset here!

Jupiter Inlet:

Walking distance from the famous DuBois park is the Jupiter Inlet. The place where the ocean enters the land. Jupiter Inlet offers views like no other. Watch boats enter into the mainland or see people doing jet ski or paddle board.

This place offers beautiful view of the beach on one side and inlet water on the other. Overlooking the Jupiter lighthouse, it’s a perfect place to relax on the beach, have a grill out or catch a fish or two. Full moons are a sight to watch from here!


Shark Diving:

One of the fewest places in the world to experience swim with sharks is available in Jupiter. You can either opt for a free dive or caged drive. Choice is yours. Definitely Not for faint-hearted!

If you are faint-hearted, you can just stay on the boat and watch sharks from it. For more info, check

Water Sports:

Engage yourself in watersports such as Jet Ski, Kiteboarding, Surfing etc. While in Florida, make the best use of waters 🙂

Local Restaurants:

My top picks! Guanabanas:

This tiki bar offers a wild forest-like ambiance by the lakeside. Enjoy a beautiful candlelight dinner with live music. It’s a place like no other.

Guess what! You can even come by boat to this amazing restaurant.

1000 North:

A lavish restaurant offering waterfront views of the Jupiter Lighthouse and Loxahatchee river is incredibly popular. Well, you can arrive at luxuriously on a boat or in-car to the restaurant. This place is on my bucket list ever since I came to know about it. Can’t wait to visit post-covid.

Tiki bars at Love Street:

End your evening at a Tiki bar on the Love Street with pure South Florida vibes. All the tiki bars have waterfront and face the beautiful lighthouse of Jupiter. Imagine drinking your favorite Tequila on the waterfront on a full moon day facing the lighthouse. Bliss is what I would say! Also, If you go early in the day, you can even rent boats for fishing and spend the day at sea. How cool is that!

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