Two Girls In ‘Sin City’

The story goes back to 2014 & it was my first time in the U.S.A, on an office trip. Just to give you a little background, it was the time when I thought applying lipstick was too much makeup & stepping out of the country alone was a great deal. So, going on a business trip out of country that too to the States was an adventure of its own.

I and my colleague ( and a good friend) have been waiting to roam the whole of the United States ever since we knew about our trip (But, hey, we din’t know the insane geography of US). Well, after reaching the States, we researched a bit and booked flight tickets to major cities. One such trip was to Las Vegas!

Vegas is a city of casinos, clubs, shows, adventures. Heard a lot about Vegas but little did we know about this ‘sin city’.

The nervous girl in me always starts to think about what all can happen when I travel and this time, the ‘ destination being Vegas, my inner self literally started to cry out of fear. Neither have I informed my parents about Vegas trip nor I had a clear idea of the city.

In Flight to Vegas:

Me: OMG! I haven’t told my parents about the trip
Friend: It’s gonna be alright

Me: HMMM….but, this is our first trip and Vegas is not a safe place for girls
Friend: Yeah, what were we thinking while booking the trip. But, don’t worry, we can make it!


Just as we were talking in the flight, I could see the light of my life in the seat ahead of me. A colleague from my office, who has been to Vegas numerous times.The sight of her, calmed me and after a little chat with her, we decided to roam together on the first day to get acquainted with the place.

Day 1: MGM casino

We set on our adventure to MGM casino at 12 midnight ‘coz that’s when life begins in Vegas. It’s my first time to a casino & dance club
Oh, God! I was damn excited.

As we went into the club, I was very shy and clueless. What would you expect from a reserved girl who has never been to the dance club!
But, that day, I broke my barriers and danced a lot & had the best first time. We returned back to the room at 3 in the night. That clubbing night gave us enough courage to roam the next two nights in Vegas by ourselves.

We have become some brave women! 😉

Day 2: Vegas Strip

We started exploring the Vegas Strip (Strip is the line of upscale casino hotels, restaurants etc), hopping from one casino to another admiring the beauty & architecture of the buildings, seeing the weird things happening on the casino tables, drooling at the luxury limos roaming on the streets. Everything in Vegas was out of the world experience for me.

As we kept walking on the streets, three strangers started following us on the walkway and we were very scared. The nervous girl in me started thinking all the frightful incidents and how I have-not informed my parents that I came to this ’sin city’. Stopping all my mind chatter, we tried to walk faster to escape but they were still behind us. Suddenly, when we thought we were out of help, a big mall came to our rescue and we went inside. We walked a little distance and as I overlooked behind my shoulder, I could still see the stalkers. We were praying to God that nothing dangerous should happen.  After we walked a little more, we saw a crowd and dissolved in it like sugar in water. That’s how we got away from those sketchy strangers.

Day 3: Fremont street

God had different situations set up for us (god’s plan). It was a cold night while I and my friend set out on our exploration journey. This time the destination was  Fremont street, one of the most happening streets of Vegas. Lots of crowd, people performing arts, largest zip line, crazy casinos, small restaurants, and live music are just some of the things of Fremont street. On the walk to Fremont street, we figured that the night was getting colder and we cannot proceed further without a jacket that could keep us warm. So, purchased Victoria Secret sweater for 50$ and continued our stroll to Fremont street.  Once we reached the street, we were in awe of the lively atmosphere. Having heard a lot about zip line, we thought to do this little adventure which we have never tried before in our lives.

So, we went to the counter to purchase two tickets and guess what!

Our cards got declined. It was shocking because we had loaded our cards fully with money. But, during the last two days, we have outspent on Thanksgiving shopping without realizing it. Regretting my thrift spending on my latest sweater, we checked our wallets for cash. All that we had was 45$, out of which we required a cab to the hotel and to the airport the next day. So, ultimately, we could not do the ziplining adventure. Right then, we realized we haven’t had eaten food for six hours and our bellies were starving. With 45$ in hand, the maximum amount we could spend was less than 10$ for two people.

Freemont street being one of the affordable places to eat in Vegas, we managed to find tacos for $2 each. Our eyes brightened looking at the price and our bellies were filled with joy and later food! After the dinner, we tried our luck at one of the slot machines available in a casino just incase the luck god shows up and shower some money but in vain. We lost those two dollars as well. Realizing that we don’t have money to spend, we took a cab back to the hotel. The cab driver dropped us at the hotel and we could not tip the driver as we were running out of money. The time was already past 3 AM in the morning & maybe lack of tip pissed the driver. Little did the cab driver know about our day! As we were walking to the hotel room, the cab driver turned sharply around the bush and screamed the ‘F’ word loudly to us.

Frightened like little chicks, we ran to our room. I still remember, how my heart was pounding even after knowing we were safe in the room. That day, I got to know how important it is to tip cab drivers in the US.

The next day, with the remaining cash, we took a cab to the airport and flew back to Cedar Rapids.
That, my friends, is my story in Vegas!!

Also, if you plan on travelling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, check out to book your trip in a snap! They also have great travel guide.

P.S: This story was way before I knew Uber/Lyft. So, a tip was kind of mandatory.
Have you had any such adventures on your trips? Please share them with me!! 


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  1. That is an awesome adventure 👌🏻 The one you will cherish for life. A shy girl who thought lipstick was too much to a fashionista 👍🏻 Way to go ❤️

    1. Thank you Roopini! yes, I will cherish this trip forever.
      Also, kudos to the way you put my journey in words “shy girl to fashionista” 😀

  2. Nice job done Praani! Lots of things popped up in my mind as I read through! How we searched chipotle on our first day with no place to sit! Suddenly we turned into Mua when we entered Sephora! Lol! Too much fun! The blue man show up as the best. Remember we got a pic with him. Awesome time spent together, we were so naive! 😄

  3. Good adventurous story..
    I like this line “dissolved like sugar in water”
    Brave girls..
    Keep writing..

  4. The way u r expressing ur feelings seems so natural & nice. Ur experience at Vegas is also adventures but different style. Keep going on post various places

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