Top Things to Do in Miami

South Beach


Miami, the place that’s on everyone’s bucket list has a lot of things to offer not just for the party person, but for everyone. Soak yourself in the blue beaches, or watch a soothing sunrise or walk around some of the world’s greatest artworks, or check out millionaires houses, or party your night away on Southbeach. Check out some top things to do in Miami!

Walk through Wynwood walls:

Wynwood walls is an area covered with graffiti and street art. It is the brainchild of Late Tony Goldman. You can see graffiti and street art on the huge walls right after you enter the area. Some of the world’s greatest artists’ works are on display here. Every single mural is amazing. 

Warehouse with open walls has been converted into what we call the greatest art center “Wynwood Walls”.

Admission Fees: $10

For more info, check out their website Wynwood walls

South Beach – Miami:

World famous South Beach is a hub to most happening bars, humongous cocktails and parties.

Walk down the South Beach, take a picture at the colorful lifeguard stations, drown in the waters and party your night away in the South beach.

The huge fishbowl sized cocktail is something you must try on the south beach. Don’t blame me for hangover though!

Watch sunset from South Pointe park:

Close to Nikki Beach is South Pointe Park.  A perfect place to spend the evening by the water, watch the sun set over Miami downtown.

south pointe

You can walk down the beautiful South Pointe pier and enjoy the blue waters. If you are lucky, you can see a cruise or two leaving to the Bahamas. Take your skateboards and skate away in the park.

Also, you can see Fisher Island from this park. More about Fisher Island is below!

Note that the pier closes at sunset.

Have a brunch at Nikki Beach:

If you are into Bohemian vibes, you are gonna love this place. Filled with bamboo tents, outdoor seating, hookah, and yummy food, Nikki beach is just a walk away from the beach.

Spend your day at Philips Frost Museum & Planetarium, Perez art museum, Miami:

If you are looking for some place to explore indoors and not the beach, Frost museum of science is a perfect place to go, learn and enjoy with your family. Immerse yourself learning about space, planes, sea life and more at this museum.The 3 level massive aquarium is a sight to watch. Check out the rooftop where you can see the sharks, alligators and touch the sting rays.

The rooftop offers beautiful views of downtown Miami and the biscayne bay. 

The planetarium is something you shouldn’t be missing. I watched the show called ‘Beyond Earth’ and it was amazing. There are plenty other shows, you can choose whichever category you like. Just note that you might want to buy a separate ticket for the planetarium show.

Behind the Frost museum is the Perez art museum and the statue of “Looking into My Dreams, Awilda”. 

P.S: You might have to shell out 15$ parking if you are parking in the museum.

Explore Miami Design District:

A luxury shopping district with stunning pieces of art is what I can describe Miami Design District. From the parking spaces to sitting benches, everything is an art here. It is known for it’s innovative fashion, design, upscale luxury stores and art galleries, Miami design district is a must visit if you are a fashion freak or love exploring art galleries or just lounging around.

You can also dine at celebrity chef restaurants or enjoy a cuppa coffee at Fendi or Dior cafe. After all, what’s not to love at dining at Dior or Fendi!

Bayfront Park:

Shop the local flea market, enjoy the ferry wheel, walk along the palm trees or enjoy looking at the cruises, bayfront park is a place to relax and take in views of Miami. Dance along at the Bayside Marketplace!

Key Biscayne:

If you are in Miami and want to see a lighthouse, the closest one is located at Key Biscayne. Key Biscayne is just half an hour away from Miami. 

The lighthouse is located at Billy Baggs State park. There are many activities you can do here. Enjoy fishing, kayak or paddleboard or swim in the waters. There are also hiking trails to explore or you could take a tour of the lighthouse.

Cruise on Millionaire’s Row:

Take a cruise that goes along the stretch of water of celebrities’ homes.

Fun fact! Did you know Fisher Island near Miami is one of the richest zipcodes in US. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts etc own a home here. You can only reach the island via yacht or ferry and entry is restricted only to the residents, relatives of residents.

Vizcaya Museum and gardens:

If you are into history, finding hidden gems, this is a beautiful place to explore. Vizcaya museum was once home and estate of James Deering. This 50 acre property is a sight to watch and also offers many photo ops while taking you through ride of history.

Explore Little Havana:

Explore the culture and cafes at Little Havana to get a taste of Cuba. Try Tres Le Ches or Cuban coffee at the Versailles Restaurant for an authentic Cuban experience. Enjoy a Cuban cigar and a sandwich at Little Havana!

Personally, little Havana was hard to find using google maps and din’t excite me much. But, if you are more into Cuban culture, food, you’d definitely like it!

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