My Simple Art Attempts!

Flower power to you! ❤️ Amid the pandemic, amid the protests, amid everything that’s happening around the world, art is something that gives me therapeutic feeling. Flower power to you! ❤️ Positivity Of Buddha Buddha paintings have always fascinated me. They radiate such intense positivity & look so calm and […]

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Mar Chiquita Beach

marchiquita beach

Famously known as ‘The Mushroom Beach’ is aptly named for its shape.Land separates the water to form the shape of mushroom allowing just a pool of water making it a natural wave pool. The rock formations and the beach are a sight to behold! Let me tell you about my […]

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Worth Avenue Street

worthavenu street walk

Tall palms, serene beaches, luxury stores, cute corners make Palm Beach county worth a visit. This coconut palm haven is just one hour drive from the most happening city Miami. Wanna get away from regular tourist spots in Florida? If so, you can visit Palm Beach Worth Avenue for a […]

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