Mar Chiquita Beach

marchiquita beach

Famously known as ‘The Mushroom Beach’ is aptly named for its shape.Land separates the water to form the shape of mushroom allowing just a pool of water making it a natural wave pool. The rock formations and the beach are a sight to behold! Let me tell you about my experience at the beach!!

I went to the beach early in the morning during sunrise to the sight of sun-kissed water shimmering like gold. I had the whole beach to myself. I soaked my legs in the water and enjoyed the beautiful view rejoicing all the good things happening in life. The next day, I visited the beach with my friends at around 10 AM and we could see kids building sandcastles, few people learning to surf, and families enjoying the sight of it. There were umbrellas and beach chairs to rent and relax during the day. The place seemed like a perfect picnic spot for a casual weekend or an awesome vacation.

Experience the glittering golds or the brightest of blues; Depending on the time you visit, the vibrancy of the colors vary. Next time you visit Puerto Rico, Mar Chiquita is something you should add to your visit list.

Where to stay?

The surrounding area of the beach is highly elevated. So, staying in an Airbnb close to this area offers amazing views of the sea.

Our Airbnb was a 2-minute drive from Mar Chiquita, called the ‘White House’.For more details on the ‘White House’, stay tuned!

P.S: Don’t forget to grab your swimming costume when you visit Mar Chiquita! La-la-la!!

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  1. Puerto Rico – Marchiquita Beach

    It gives me much excitement to see the Mushroom shaped beach as I have never seen any such naturally formed beach before. Different shades of blue colored water surrounded with rocks makes it more interesting. Good to know such places along with recommendations on where to stay. Love reading your posts. Keep it going.

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