Leap of Faith – Scariest Water Slide!

One of the scariest water-slides in the world that is NINE storey high and almost vertical. 

The most amazing part! It takes you right into a lagoon of sharks! 

Of course, in a glass tube!

If you are in Dubai and an adventure junkie, this water-slide is just for you!

Located in Atlantis, The Palm , “Aqua-venture”, this water slide is one hell of a slide!

Standing tall at the middle of the water park is what looks like a Mayan temple that has 3 or 4 water slides coming out of it straight into a large tank of sharks and sting ray fish. At the center of the structure is one of the most fastest, craziest and scariest water slide in the world! 

Rightly, called ’The Leap of Faith’.

Ever since me and my sister planned our visit to Atlantis Dubai, I wanted to try “Leap of Faith”. 

As we reached the water park, the first thing I did was to grab my sister to take the Leap of Faith!

We took the flight of stairs to the slide and as we waited in the queue for our turn, each one in queue were either thrilled or scared to death. 

Yet, everyone wanted to do it!

Some carried go-pro on their heads to record the whole slide. After all, it is a slide of a lifetime and definitely worth recording.

Some of them backed out right after sitting at the top of the slide just by looking at the height. or (Just by looking at other’s reactions)

Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Me and my sister were equally scared waiting for our turns like waiting for the results after a life changing exam. 

After a wait of 15 mintues, it was my sister’s turn. As she sat on the top of the slide, looking at the almost vertical slide and the tank, she wanted to backoff. 

She got up and came back from the slide. Everyone in the queue were more tensed as she backed off. 

Being an elder sister, I told her everything’s gonna be fine. It’s just a waterslide. Nothing to worry!

Then, she gathered her guts, sat on the edge of the slide and screamed all the way till the slide got over! She did it!

Obviously, it was my turn now. As the instructor gave me the instructions on how to do the slide, my heart was pumping so hard. 

As I sat on the top, I was hardly able to see the rest of the slide ‘coz 

“Hell man! It’s damn vertical!”

I always have a thing with water slides, there were times where I got jammed in between the slide and had to walk all the way to the end of the slide. 

Yes, That Happens! Happened to me many a times!

Although, this one wouldn’t let jam me like that, this seemed like a free fall into, god knows where! 

I wanted to back off but hey! I did push my sister to do it. For heavens’ sake, she would kill me if I din’t take the slide.

As I was thinking all of this in a fraction of 10 seconds sitting at the slide top as the instructor gave me instructions, I lied myself on the slide, crossed my legs and let go off the handle, AND……….


SHOUTING like crazyyyyyy!! 

I went all the way down. 

I haven’t really opened my eyes until I heard the splash of water.

Made sure I din’t fall into the shark tank 😉 Just kidding! I am protected in a glass tube. 

I looked at the sharks and fishes in the tank as I was appreciating myself for what I just did!

As I came out from the glass tube into a little pool of water, my sister was waiting. As I walked my way out of water, she smiled at me and hugged me like a teddy bear. 



That day, we felt we could do many more adventures together!


Do you believe in the saying? I definitely do!

P.S:  Did you do any adventures with your siblings? Let me know your story. I would love to listen!

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