Joy of Flying!

As a girl with a heart for adventures, I couldn’t resist doing paragliding in Dharamshala. Flying like a bird has been my dream for many years now. To fulfill my dream of flying and get my adrenaline pumping, me and my friends started our drive to the paragliding site. Throughout the drive, my heart was thumping out of excitement and fear. As I filled out the application, my hands were shivering and my stomach had butterflies. Being an amateur, I signed up for tandem paragliding.

After filling the application, we went to the flying arena. Huge harnesses, deep valley, few prepping up for their flight and few flying in the distance were the scenes of the place. It was a nice afternoon and the wind was good enough for paragliding. Each of the para-glider waited for the perfect wind to take-off and fly. It did seem like a real aircraft take-off for me, just a human doing it. One has to run all the way to the edge of the cliff and then lift their legs up in order to fly. 

This definitely seemed like a leap of faith!

My tandem para-glider helped me with all the safety precautions and got me set up for the flying experience. I was so afraid and was doubtful if I could do it. 

My heart was beating at 100 miles per hour while waiting for my turn. After ten minutes of wait, It was my turn to take the leap and jump off the edge. I gathered myself together, held my Go Pro, gained my courage, and ran all the way to the edge of the cliff …

Wooo!! And……….I took the jump and went all the way up, up in the air!!

My fears, shivers, butterflies in the stomach, everything faded away as we went up in the air. 

I felt like a little bird enjoying it’s journey above the dense green forest, with the sight of snow-capped mountains and a huge amount of fresh air. All the things that seemed gigantic on the land looked like little toys from above. Everything about flying was magical.

It was one hell of experience & a joy-ride to my flying soul!!

As I could see the land approaching and my thrill ending, I decided that in my next visit to Dharamshala, I’m gonna stay there for a week and sign up for paragliding classes so that I can fly on my own the next time in “Bir Billing” – The highest place for paragliding which is just 2 hours away from Dharamshala.

P.S: How I wish I had wings to fly every single day! Where would you fly if you had wings? Let me knowwww!

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  1. Ur feelings towards flying resemble my feelings. Due to bad wind, I choose Hot air balloon ride at Manali. But I am terribly in love with paragliding. I will try at Dharamshala. Keep posting such nice places

    1. I’m glad our feelings towards flying are same! 🙂
      You should definitely try paragliding! You are gonna love it!

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