Fun things to do in Gatlinburg


Located in the heart of Great Smokey mountains is the town of Gatlinburg, looks just straight out of Disneyworld. There are so many fun things to do in Gatlinburg for both family and friends. Gatlinburg is filled with colorful buildings, cartoon figures and scenic views.

Here are some fun things to do in Gatlinburg in all the seasons!

Take a stroll in the Gatlinburg Downtown:

The downtown of Gatlinburg looks like Disney world. It is so colourful, filled with day long activities and fun stores. Walk in the streets of Gatlinburg downtown to enjoy amazing street food, candy stores and fun activities. Turn into a kid again by doing activities like walking into a scary house, or mirror maze, windmill etc. The options are unlimited and you can splurge all your money here.

Try out the local delicacy “Cajun Peanuts”

A cute candy store in Gatlinburg

Go whiskey tasting in Ole Smoky moonshine :

Moonshine means Un-aged whiskey.
I tasted my first moonshine at the most famous one is Ole Smoky Moonshine, which offers moonshine tasting in the most exotic flavors possible.
You can do moonshine tasting by paying around 5$ and then use the voucher to buy any of the yummy drinks. I promise this is definitely one of the best things to do in Gatlinburg.
Did you know there are moonshine Cherries, pickles, and jams? You can eat them and get high too!

I cannot forget how good the moonshines taste. My favorites are Sour Watermelon and Vanilla. If you visit, let me know which one do you like?

P.S: Flavors vary from season to season. So, blame me not if you don’t find my favorites when you visit 😉

Watch the sunset from Skylift:

Take a joy ride in a Skylift cable car to the top of Gatlinburg. Walk on the glass bridge and enjoy a birds’ eye view of the scenic town with picturesque mountains forming the canvas. The best thing about skylift is you can buy the ticket once and go to skylift any number of times on the same day. How cool is that!

My tip: Try to be there for sunset to enjoy the golden colors of the sky making the views even more memorable. Sip on a hot chocolate or a drink and sit in the cafe outdoor or around the campfire and savor your moments.

Spend a day at Anakeesta :

A mountain top adventure park to titillate your senses.
Take a Chondola ride to the top of the mountain and immerse yourself in day-long adventure activities like a mountain roller coaster, zip line, or Rail runner mountain coaster. You sure are gonna have a blast if you are an adventure lover.
Or you can sit back, relax around the campfire or take a walk on the treetop skywalk and look at the beautiful Great Smokey mountains from the top of the observation center.

Hope you enjoyed reading about fun things to do in Gatlinburg. Let me know if you find anything interesting.

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