Film Making Experience In Dubai

Film making experience in Dubai

Have you ever wanted to act?
Do you want to see how movie-makers use the green mat?
Do you want to know how the film making process works?

Here’s a place where you can experience the tit-bits of all the above!

It is “Bollywood Park” in Dubai!!

This park is similar to “Universal Studios: Hollywood” smaller in scale though. It is based on Bollywood movies.

The experience is called “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” (ZNMD in short) matching the name of the popular Bollywood movie.

I and my family came across this ride as we were trying out all the other rides in Bollywood park. I had no idea about this experience and I thought it was just another ride. As we entered the arena, the guide informed us that it is a film-making experience and asked for volunteers. So, with little push from my parents, I volunteered.

The filmmaker explained that we will be doing a little acting, dubbing, and sound mixing. Doesn’t it sound amazingggg??

The goal is to recreate a few scenes from a song in ZNMD movie. The song involves the characters enjoying life to the fullest. Scenes like a road trip with friends, sky-diving, running in bulls race, and the famous Tomatina festival experience in Spain.

Here’s how we did it!

There were three rooms in which the first room is dedicated to acting with required backgrounds and green mats. In the second room, we do dubbing and add, create sounds. The third room is the theater (AV room) where we see the final movie. Yay!

Scene 1: A guy and a lady were supposed to wave their handkerchiefs in a car set as if it was a real car ride.

Scene 2: On green mat and tables, guys had to lie down and wave their hands in fear & excitement. This was a scene trying to replicate sky-diving in the song.

Scene 3: I and few others had to cheer up Hrithik Roshan & others (dreaming of Hrithik) while they were running away from bulls.

Scene 4: All the crowd had to wave hands as if we are cheering

Some more scenes involved running away from bulls, getting scared when a bull arrives etc.
We acted in these scenes and were desperately waiting to watch the final video.
Unfortunately, film making is not just about acting. It involves multiple steps.

The next step was to add sound.

The original song has bulls running. In order to create the sounds of bulls’ footsteps, some kids were called to volunteer. They had to do tap coconut shells on the rocks to generate a sound similar to the footsteps of bulls.

In order to create sounds of dance, people had to tap shoes.

The Final Step.

The final step was to combine the whole acting and the sounds. This was taken care of by the film making team and we were shown the final video in the AV Room.

**NOTE: Ignore the poor video quality as I couldn’t record a better version at that moment!

It was an Awesome experience!!

This story was from 2018. So, I am not sure if the experience still runs on the same movie. Be sure to check about it before you make any plans. Only after quarantine though! 😉 #StayHomeStaySafe

P.S: If given a chance, which movie would you like to act in? Let me know!
Also, don’t miss watching “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara ” movie. It’s a timeless masterpiece!

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  1. Zindagi Mile na Dobara” Vow Amazing movie which I never forget. Acting as if u r acting in the Tomatina festival” song is a really great chance. Great going on👍.

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