Fashion Trends For Spring 2021!

fashion trends for spring 2021

Finding it hard to figure out what fashion is trending in Spring? Well, you have come to the right place! Here are some of my favourite fashion trends for spring.
Come, let’s get trending!

Cut Out Dresses:

Remember those beautiful one piece dresses having small stylish cut outs at the waist?
Yes, that’s exactly the fashion trend I’m talking about!
Dresses with V-holes or O-holes at the waist or even sleeves are in fashion this spring. Why not just buy one or two?
Or if you have an old dress that you could do a DIY and create some cuts, you would be right in trend for the spring!

Sorbet colors:

Who doesn’t love pastels or sorbets? I could just wear a color and eat it too!
Just kidding’
This season try wearing all your pastel collections from light pistachio to light rose or lavender.
Or if you don’t have one in your closet, grab one from your favourite store! ‘Coz all you want is to keep it eyes-creamy and catchy, right?

Crop Top and Co-ords:

With weather trying to warm up, it’s time to pull out all your crop tops and flaunt them with your shorts or those mini skirts. If you are in a colder place, pair your crop top with a blazer or a knitted crop sweater.

For that extra oomph factor, pick out the crop tops with strings attached. They can go around the waist and create that fresh new look of the crop top.

Pair your favorite crop top with a co-ordinate pants and don’t forget to accessorise with those chunky necklaces you got from previous seasons’ collection.

Pretty sure it would be fun to wear these cute crop tops and enjoy the spring weather.

Wide Leg Pants:

If you are not going to office, why wear those tight-legged pants.
Give them a go and try these wide legged pants/jeans that you can turn from formal to casual in a snap.
Pair the wide leg pants with a co-ordinationg blazer for your office zoom call
Pair it with crop top or graphic tee for casual wear.

These transitional wide leg pants would keep you comfortable and you can easily wear them for your grocery runs and keep it street style.

Which of these is your favorite trend this season? Do let me know in the comments.

Keep watching this page for the upcoming trend!

Can’t wait to tell you which footwear/accessories are trending next!

P.S: All these dresses are from Zara! You can definitely find similar trends in other brands.

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