Fashion Trends For July – August

Fashion Trends for this season!

Did you want to be fashionable and don’t know how?

Did you always have trouble identifying what’s trending in fashion right now?

Do you often add things in your shopping cart and then don’t shop anything? ‘Coz you are too confused

Well, you have come to the right place. 

Fashion hot favorites this month you should be looking for!


Satin is the season!

That soft, elegant, flows satin is making the trend now.

Try wearing satin in the form of long dress or wear it in a pant suit with some sequins on the top and pair it with a satin pant.


Ruffles & Puffles!

Yes, anything with puffed/smocked/balloon or ruffles is in trend. Basically oversized volumnious clothes!

Puff sleeved off shoulder top or dress or rompers look great.

Tops with ruffles and organza sleeves are something you should look for.

Here are few options:


Not much of a fan of tie-dye but Summer and Tie-dye probably makes a good couple. Tie-dye clothes are in fashion right from tops, dresses and even joggers.

So, give tie-dye clothes a try!


Ahhh!! let me think!!

Should I say Cinderalla has made a come back?

Yes, I’m talking about Glass heel and Vinyl on top!

Mules are another interesting option!

The comfortable, square shaped, flat/heeled mules are trending.

Tie strapped mules are my favorite! They look super chic with dresses, skirts or even shorts!


A bit late on this! But, curb necklace is something I have loved recently. There are various version of curbs you can try!

You can pick curb necklace or curb bracelet or layered curb necklace to rock this season!

Fashion Forward: Looks like organza is gonna trend, so try buying organza sleeved tops! Zara has many! 😉

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