Fashion Accessories Trends For Spring/Summer

trends for spring

Here are some of the fashion accessories trends for spring/summer season! Ranging from crochet to old style handbags! Check them out!


From tie-dye to crochet, all the designers of the world are trying to encourage local made products. I think crochet emerged from the idea to bring more local styles to fashion and encourage local businesses during the pandemic.

Crochet is now everywhere from handbags to bralette. If you have had a grandmother who could teach you how to do it, do a DIY crochet top or a small handbag, it will be a moment to cherish forever and a skill that you could add to your hobbies. Or you can buy crochet clothing or accessories from almost all the stores right now. You can make a small crochet hairband if you wanna follow this accessory trend for summer.

Platform Sandals With Ankle Strap:

Platform sandals can suit both street style or a brunch date. They are so comfortable yet so stylish. I would recommend buying some platform sandals with ankle strap that can you also tie around the leg.

Because, this type add more style. Buying them in basic colors like black and white can suit all dresses effortlessly.

Square Toe Shoes:

Square toed mules have been trending since last season and you might wanna grab them because this style is available in flats, wedges, heels etc. What’s not to like about being trendy and comfortable at the same time? I love how elegant the foot looks with square toed footwear.

Ornate Heel Designs:

Ornate or sculptured heels are a must-have because they can make any outfit look better. This one never goes out of fashion! So, I see buying these as an investment because you can sport them with anything and make the whole look extra.

Also, I have seen some interesting designs in transparent colors to really vibrant colors and structures.

2000s Styled Bags With Chunky Chains:

Well, well, if we have seen anything in 2020 and ‘21, it is a mostly maximalist style from puffed hands to oversized dresses to big chunky chains.
Fashionistas have been sporting large linked chains around the neck, on footwear, or in bags.
The latest ones are the style bags from the 2000s with oversized chunky chains to hold them.

I am in love with this style. Also, many of the stores like forever21 are selling interchangeable chains for the bags. If you already have a bag and donot want to splurge, just buy a changeable strap and you should be good to go!

Hope you liked reading about the fashion accessories trends for spring/summer! Let me know which one do you find worth investing?

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