Fashion Trends For July – August

Fashion Trends for this season! Did you want to be fashionable and don’t know how? Did you always have trouble identifying what’s trending in fashion right now? Do you often add things in your shopping cart and then don’t shop anything? ‘Coz you are too confused Well, you have come […]

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Styling Pleated Skirt

How To Style Your Pleated Skirt! Guess how many times you can wear your pleated skirt without repeating the same style? 2? 3? I would say 6! Here are my styles! For a summer beach look Style it with pleated monochrome top that matches the skirt! Keep It Elegant! Wear […]

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Easy Breezy Look

easy breezy summer look

It’s almost summer and everyone might start looking for easy, breezy, comfort styles to wear! So, I have assembled this uber cool chic look for a casual day-out. You can easily carry this look for a picnic with family, or brunch with friends and the best part is it’s a […]

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