Bioluminescent kayak

Bioluminescent Kayak and why should you do it at least once in your lifetime?

Darkest of nights, sparkling blue and green comb jellies, fear of water, stars in full bloom, the experience of nature at its best!

Words fall short to narrate the experience on why one should definitely try Bio luminescent kayak at least once in their lifetime! Yet, I’ll give a try!

Bio luminescence occurs in water due to a variety of species that produce light. The place I tried the Kayak had bio luminescent plankton (Dinoflagellates) and comb jellyfishes. Comb jellyfishes are transparent and beautiful jellies that emit sparks throughout the body and are a sight to watch. They are harmless in nature and you can hold them in your hand. 

Fascinatingggg, isn’t it?

credits : Google

Fun Fact! 

Why & When To Kayak

Did you know it is always better to do bio luminescent kayak on a new moon day? 

That’s because you can experience a more natural glow from the species when there is no external light.

It was a new moon day, at around 6.30 PM when it was about to get dark, I reached the lake where we were supposed to Kayak. 

The location is near Orlando and I tried the kayak with a company called BK Adventures. It is always advisable to do a guided tour since the guide will help you go on the right path in the dark and tells you the place where you can spot the jellies.


We were given instructions on how to do kayak and sprayed ourselves with bug spray to be safe from flies, bugs, etc. We were given a life jacket and instructions on how to use the whistle and the light in case you need any help during the kayak. 

Got Into The Kayak

Just the thought of kayaking in the night excited me. We got into the kayak, and we could see the water around us in dimming light. As we kayaked our way through, it started getting darker.

The newbies in the group were tensed as it got darker. Some of them even dropped out in between and went back to the shore.

After ten minutes of kayaking, it got real dark. One could hardly see the water or the route. The thought of a manatee or a big fish hitting the boat was running in everyone’s mind. All we can hear are the sounds of waves touching the boat and it seemed like a journey into the unknown. The sight of coconut trees around the lake formed a twilight landscape. I turned on some music on my portable speaker and started playing songs. 

As we were paddling the kayak, I saw some blue light…. EXCITED!

Then I tried hitting the paddle on the other side to check if it’s real…. It’s REAL!

Carrying the same excitement, I asked my partner to try the same and could not see the light.

After a while, we tried paddling again, and then we could see the glowing blue light.


blue light!



blue light!



credits: Google

At a distance, the other kayak hit the water, we could see some blue light and the people started screaming out of excitement.

Wowww!! this is true! There are bioluminescent species in the water and I am seeing it!

Nature is incredible!

As I was enjoying the light, the tides of water started increasing. I felt as if a fish hit our boat and I could totally feel my increased heart pump.

Added to that, the kayak started shaking as if we might tip into the water. 

My partner kept affirming that it’s just the water and no fishes.

For a change of thought, I tried to distract myself. I lifted my chin up and what I saw was craaazyy!! A zillion stars shining bright as if I am seeing the whole galaxy. As I looked around, the coconut, palm trees at the end of the lake appeared like some dark images. My favorite music calmed me down and I could hear whispers of people getting afraid and excited.

After a good 45mins of the kayak, we stopped at a small bar of land and got down. And guess what! We spotted comb jellies live.

One of the jellyfish was lying on the grass and was twinkling its light through tentacles. My guide took into his hand.

My face glowed up as I saw the jellyfish in action!

The blue light was transmitting from its head to the end as if some mild beautiful energy was passing through it.

Wow! It looked magical.

I took it my hand and enjoyed it’s little show and left it into the water again. After all, that’s where it belongs!

As I stepped my foot on the sand and walked, the sand started glowing in blue. Myannnn! that was the glowing plankton!

I rubbed my shoe on the sand to check again and I saw the sand glowing in blue. 

It seemed as if I entered the world of Avatar!

I was excited like a little child! 

The whole kayak experience was a mixture of emotions ranging from excitement, to fear, and to wonder.

Don’t you think one should experience this at least once in a lifetime?

Hell Yeah!

P.S: Since I was not having a good camera, I couldn’t capture the original images of the bioluminescence.

FAQs :

1. Where can I try bio luminescence kayak in USA?

The best places are in Puerto Rico. The one I did was in Merritt island near Orlando.

2. Which days are the best?

No moon days anytime. Some kayak experiences are better during winter and some during some summer depending on the species type that is in the water. It totally depends on the place you visit.

3. Do you need prior kayak experience?

Definitely recommended even on a guided tour. In order to catch up to the speed and not to create panic, prior kayak experience is needed so that you can paddle faster and safer

4. Does the bio-luminescence appear as bright as in pictures?

The bio luminescence in the place and time I went to the kayak din’t have so much lighting as in pictures but we definitely saw lighting and got hold of comb jellies. The bio luminescence was rated 8/10 on that day.

5. What should I wear for bioluminescence kayak?

Swim/activewear preferably covering hands and legs to avoid bugs.

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  1. Beautiful experience ❣️ Wish I could do that once atleast 🙂 Lovely narration which made me feel to experience that 🙂

  2. It’s like a magical world with fantasy. Loved the way u portray it and Just want to experience it at least once in a life tym 🙂

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