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Known for its uber luxurious lifestyle and mansions by the sea, the Palm beach island has interesting places to see for every kind of traveller. The famous Lilly Pulitzer store and Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort are just few places in the Palm beach Island. Palm beach has a whole different vibe with its upscale boutiques, antique galleries and exquisite mansions.

Worth Avenue Clock Tower:

The famous Worth Avenue clock tower right by the sea offers incredible views of the Palm Beach. The coconut palms by the ocean Boulevard form an eclectic landscape that takes you through the roads ending up into the blue sea. Right by the worth avenue is the luxury shopping district that includes brands like Neiman Marcus, Lilly Pulitzer, Cartier, Tiffany & co. etc. You name it and they have it there.

Lilly Pulitzer home store is located in the Worth Avenue area. The most interesting thing is you can make your own prints at this Lilly Pulitzer store. One more reason to visit the Palm beach island asap!

Walk Through Vias:

Visas are beautiful pathways and my favorite place to see in Palm beach islands.

Via Mizner and Via Parigis  – The walkways are filled with exotic flora, Mizner fountains, designer boutiques and antique stalls. The walkways are breathtakingly beautiful and offer a real tropical experience when it rains.

My favorite thing to do is to pick up a gelato PiccoloGelato and walk through Vias.

The Famous Blue Door:

Right opposite to Via Mizner is the insta famous blue door surrounded by Bougainvillea. Stop to get your insta worthy photo here. This is actually a home. So, please respect the privacy of the residents. 

Exact location: Blue Door on the Peruvian Avenue

Bethesda-By-The-Sea Church:

The Gothic style church is the oldest house of worship in the Palm beach island and a marvel of architecture, which makes it a must visit in the Palm beach.This iconic church includes an organ, courtyard and a beautiful tropical garden.

Bethesda-by-the-sea means The House of Healing-by-the-sea. This is one of the most peaceful places and reminds you of churches in Europe.

Flagler Museum:

Henry Morrison Flagler, who is known as the father of Miami & Palm beach and the reason behind Florida’s development resided in Palm beach and his home is now called the famous Flagler museum. Flagler used this home as a winter retreat. 

Flagler museum is an outright depiction of the Royalty in Gilded age. The 75 room mansion is filled with grandeur and royalty one can only dream of in this era. Experience the amazing music room, elegant dining area, master bedroom with an inbuilt closet, the hall where ballets were held. Every single room in the museum takes you to an old world charm that you never wanna come back from. Flagler’s rail car imitation is also present in the musuem. Don’t forget to check it out. It is definitely the most Royal train I have ever seen.

Also, you can also have a picnic in the coconut grove and enjoy the views of downtown.

Spring Visits:

As a local, I would say to prefer visiting Palm beach island in spring season because the bougainvilleas are in full bloom then. The whole island is mostly filled with bougainvillea and every place is more beautiful. It feels like you are in some Greece islands. Definitely, suggest walking on the streets of The Palm Beach.

Beautiful spots in Spring:

  • The blue door
  • Via Mizner
  • Via Parigi
  • Earl T.Smith Preservation Park
  • Walk along the island to just see how beautiful the homes are

Where to stay/eat in Palm Beach?

Breakers Hotel:

Flagler’s another marvel is The Breakers hotel, located right opposite to the Whitehall/Flagler museum. Flagler started the trend of grand hotels in the Palm beaches and The Breakers is the premier oceanfront hotel where the waves crashed and sprayed. If you are into Golf, this place will entice you.

The hotel is an epitome of uber-rich. Stay in and experience the royal life in The Breakers. If you cannot afford it, enjoy a high tea or drink at any of the restaurants and get a fresh breath of the Breakers.

The Colony Hotel:

The insta-worthy boutique Pink hotel is just a walk away from the Worth avenue and shopping district.Grab a cocktail or stay at this place for the chicest experience ever. Roam around in their pink cycles or relax in the pink room or enjoy a cocktail and swim in the pool.


Enjoy a delicious Italian meal in the green landscape surrounded by tons of Bougainvilleas. If you are visiting worth avenue, you can dine at this most beautiful restaurant and is definitely more beautiful during the spring season with the flowers in full bloom.

Sloan’s Ice Cream Parlour:

The Pink ice cream parlour with its creamy ice creams is located in West Palm beach, not so far from the island, it is one of the places you shouldn’t be missing in the Palm Beaches.

Don’t forget to check out their speciality transparent bathroom. You are sure to be amused.

Pura Vida: Palm Beach

If you have heard of Pura Vida in Miami, they have opened their new branch in the Palm Beach island. If you are into acai bowls, amazing ambience or a vegetarian like me, you’re gonna fall in love with this place, food and the whole vibe.

Nightlife: West Palm Beach

West Palm beach is just few minutes away from the Palm Beach island and has some good places to see.

Clematis Street:

Home to nice pubs and happening places is the Clematis street. Grab a drink and enjoy your night away in any of the pubs.

Rosemary Square :

Beautiful restaurants, live music and events happening most of the days, Rosemary square is a fun place to spend your evening with friends or family.

Check out the colourful wishing tree and water fountain or grab some souvenirs from the nearby stores in this area.

Grand View Public Market:

If you are looking for a nice place to hangout with your friends and not break your purse, grand view public market is an amazing place with its Boho ambience and number of food options to try and also game nights, happy hours.

My picks are :

  • Boba teas from Sugar Milk
  • Nashville Hot chicken from Clare’s

I’m yet to try more food. So, give it a try at stalls here. I hear they are yum!

Check out my blog posts on little towns in the Palm Beaches!

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