Road trip to Key West


Florida Keys – an archipelago of tiny islands surrounded by white sands lying in the Southernmost part of the U.S. Road trip to Key West is easily one of the most exciting drives you’ll ever take. You drive through a series of islands called ‘keys’ surrounded by aquamarine waters as […]

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Top Things to Do in Miami

South Beach

Miami: Miami, the place that’s on everyone’s bucket list has a lot of things to offer not just for the party person, but for everyone. Soak yourself in the blue beaches, or watch a soothing sunrise or walk around some of the world’s greatest artworks, or check out millionaires houses, […]

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Fun things to do in Gatlinburg


Located in the heart of Great Smokey mountains is the town of Gatlinburg, looks just straight out of Disneyworld. There are so many fun things to do in Gatlinburg for both family and friends. Gatlinburg is filled with colorful buildings, cartoon figures and scenic views. Here are some fun things […]

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Fashion Trends For Spring 2021!

fashion trends for spring 2021

Finding it hard to figure out what fashion is trending in Spring? Well, you have come to the right place! Here are some of my favourite fashion trends for spring. Come, let’s get trending! Cut Out Dresses: Remember those beautiful one piece dresses having small stylish cut outs at the […]

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Wild Adult Fest In Blue Paradise!

Glitter, Party, Bodypaint are three words that describe the wildesttttttttt adult fest called “Fantasy Fest”!! Key West – A city otherwise known for its serene turquoise waters, scuba diving, snorkeling, and slow vacation comes to a hustle-bustle during the Fantasy Fest. Fantasy Fest happens every year in Key West during […]

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My Simple Art Attempts!

Flower power to you! ❤️ Amid the pandemic, amid the protests, amid everything that’s happening around the world, art is something that gives me therapeutic feeling. Flower power to you! ❤️ Positivity Of Buddha Buddha paintings have always fascinated me. They radiate such intense positivity & look so calm and […]

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Fashion Trends For July – August

Fashion Trends for this season! Did you want to be fashionable and don’t know how? Did you always have trouble identifying what’s trending in fashion right now? Do you often add things in your shopping cart and then don’t shop anything? ‘Coz you are too confused Well, you have come […]

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Bioluminescent kayak

Bioluminescent Kayak and why should you do it at least once in your lifetime? Darkest of nights, sparkling blue and green comb jellies, fear of water, stars in full bloom, the experience of nature at its best! Words fall short to narrate the experience on why one should definitely try […]

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Styling Pleated Skirt

How To Style Your Pleated Skirt! Guess how many times you can wear your pleated skirt without repeating the same style? 2? 3? I would say 6! Here are my styles! For a summer beach look Style it with pleated monochrome top that matches the skirt! Keep It Elegant! Wear […]

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Joy of Flying!

As a girl with a heart for adventures, I couldn’t resist doing paragliding in Dharamshala. Flying like a bird has been my dream for many years now. To fulfill my dream of flying and get my adrenaline pumping, me and my friends started our drive to the paragliding site. Throughout […]

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Easy Breezy Look

easy breezy summer look

It’s almost summer and everyone might start looking for easy, breezy, comfort styles to wear! So, I have assembled this uber cool chic look for a casual day-out. You can easily carry this look for a picnic with family, or brunch with friends and the best part is it’s a […]

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Mar Chiquita Beach

marchiquita beach

Famously known as ‘The Mushroom Beach’ is aptly named for its shape.Land separates the water to form the shape of mushroom allowing just a pool of water making it a natural wave pool. The rock formations and the beach are a sight to behold! Let me tell you about my […]

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Worth Avenue Street

worthavenu street walk

Tall palms, serene beaches, luxury stores, cute corners make Palm Beach county worth a visit. This coconut palm haven is just one hour drive from the most happening city Miami. Wanna get away from regular tourist spots in Florida? If so, you can visit Palm Beach Worth Avenue for a […]

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